Diasporic Africa Press, Inc.

Diasporic Africa Press is a nonprofit publishing group that supports scholars and scholarship in the African world. Our publishing is guided by two principles: serve humanity by populating its global body of knowledge with African stories and perspectives, and provide our readers with a literature in African world histories and cultures found nowhere else.

Ordering Policies

Individual customers and organizations can easily order through our secure website. E-books are distributed through Ingram Book Company (IBC), but also through online retailers such as Amazon.com. If your vendor or bookstore does not carry our titles or you have any questions related to sales, contact us at contact@dafricapress.com.

If you are a vendor and have an account with our distributor IBC, you can also order through them. Please be aware IBC orders under 299 books will only receive a 5% discount, while wholesale orders through our website receive 25-30%  discounts. Diasporic Africa Press (DAP) has a dedicated phone line at IBC for questions, order placement, order tracking and additional inquiries: 1-800-937-8000.

All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. We do not accept returned books, unless damaged in transit. In this case, contact IBC or DAP, if the order was placed with us.

For desk copies, the ordering institution must first purchase the book(s) through DAP or its distributors for which a desk copy is requested. Thereafter, the instructor(s) may request a desk copy, providing full institutional mailing address, email, and phone number. Instructors need only provide the aforementioned information for a review copy of our titles, in addition to course and enrollment.

About Us

Diasporic Africa Press (DAP) is a non-for-profit publisher of scholarly books and K-12 materials about the African world. "African world" refers to worldwide African communities living in Africa and across the globe, having dispersed or migrated voluntarily and by force from antiquity to the present. As a service to humanity, we produce and disseminate stories and studies of those global African peoples, laden with integral perspectives. Along the way, we partner with scholars and writers to provide high-quality and informed scholarship for the global public. Our aim to also feed a global lore that cannot exist without African-based ideas and their worldwide stories.

Our publishing efforts are guided by two operating principles. The first is to provide our intelligent readers with a growing literature in African world histories and cultures found nowhere else—a literature that supports research, teaching, and discussion. The second is to engage in the challenging task of translating important (diasporic) African works of scholarship in order to populate the world with African-based stories and perspectives and to support multilingualism and understanding among peoples of the African world. Taken together, both principles seek to foster intra-African dialogue and scholarship about the African world anchored in powerful ideas and informed perspectives.

On this virtual storefront, our books are divided into four categories: African World Cultures, African World Histories, African World Literature, and Young Readers Series. A fifth category provides a link where our e-books can be purchased. Each category has a description of the kinds of books it contains. For institutions and individuals using this site, please consult our ordering and desk copy policy, how to submit a book proposal, or our refund policy. 

We look forward to your readership and hope will you consider supporting a translation, a book project, a book series, or the operating costs of the press. All monies generated through each publication are reinvested into new projects. Your generous contributions help make the work of the press and the literature you and others enjoy possible.

Guidelines for Submitting a Book Proposal

This section outlines the material that the press will need to evaluate your book proposal.

Brief Description: In 1-2 paragraphs, describe the work, including its rationale, approach, and pedagogy if applicable. List briefly, what you consider the outstanding, distinctive, or unique features of the work.

Outline: Provide a detailed outline of the book, including the chapter(s) being submitted for review. This gives us an idea of how the material fits together, and how the remaining chapters will be developed. It should include chapter headings and sub-headings, with explanations as necessary.

Competition: Spell out how your book will be similar to and/or different from existing books in this field. (If possible, provide us with the publisher, date of publication, and price of said works.) This information will provide the reviewers and the publisher a frame of reference for evaluating your material.

Apparatus: Please list the number and type of photographs, line drawings, maps, tables, charts, or other such features you envision within the text. Will there be back matter such as glossary, bibliography, references, and appendices? How extensive will the endnotes be?

Size: What do you estimate to be the size of the completed book—approximately how many words?

Market Considerations: What is the intended audience for the book (scholars, professionals, libraries, undergraduates, general readers)? What courses might adopt your book? Do you know of or belong to any professional or academic associations that would help in reaching this audience?

Status of Work: Do you have a timetable for completing the book? What portion or percentage of the material is now complete?

Sample Chapters: Select 2-3 chapters of the manuscript that are an integral part of the book. They should be your best-written ones, and do not have to be in sequence. These chapters should represent the content and reflect your writing style and scholarship in the best possible light.

Author Background: Please include a current c.v. listing your writing, teaching, and/or educational background and experience. Independent scholars should include on their resume relevant research and writing experience. Be sure to list any books that you have previously published, with sales information if available, and any other information on why you are qualified to write this book.

Format of Submission: Please submit all the materials by email, in Word files only, not PDF. You may be asked to send additional chapters by email after we take a preliminary look at your proposal. Proposals should be email to contact@dafricapress.com.

Reviews: If we are interested in your project, we will commission outside reviewers to read and evaluate your proposal. We will attempt to obtain the best available reviewers to consider your work. We would like to include some reviewers whose opinions you would consider particularly important. For this purpose, please provide the names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers (if available) of three people whom you feel would be competent to review your material and whose opinion you would find valuable. We will consider using some of these along with some of our own selection. Naturally, we do not reveal the names of reviewers without their permission. Please include this information in your electronic cover letter. Please allow at least 8-12 weeks for the evaluation and review process. We will contact you as soon as we thoroughly examine your proposal. Thank you for your interest in Diasporic Africa Press. We look forward to reading your materials.

Marketing your Book: Existing, contracted authors will be provided with an "Author Marketing Questionnaire" to complete. Information supplied will be used to prepare jacket copy, define specialist mailings and advertising, brief our sales force and explore promotion possibilities. Please note: we are an independent press and as such we expect authors to actively promote and share their work widely.

Author Discounts, Terms and Conditions: As one of our authors, you are entitled to a discount on any books that we publish. If you are ordering copies of your own book, you are entitled to discounted rate detailed in your contract. To take advantage of this, please contact us separately, as our online ordering system does not apply these discounts.